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Autonomous Vehicle Testing & Deployment

It's time for a future of self-driving cars.

Greater Road Safety

Whether you live in a city, the suburbs or out in the country, the roadway can be a dangerous place. Because wherever there are drivers, there is the risk of a crash due to human error. In fact, 94% of crashes are caused by driver behaviors. And impaired driving causes one third of road fatalities today. Autonomous Vehicles have the potential to greatly reduce those devastating statistics. The more self-driving cars on the road, the safer our roadways will become.

Greater Independence

People with disabilities. Blind people. Older Americans. Veterans. They all deserve more mobility. Self-driving cars will make that possible. Along with more freedom, Autonomous Vehicles can increase ride sharing, which saves money. Money that can be spent living the life they want.

Saving Money

Autonomous Vehicles help avoid crashes, which reduces injuries and medical bills. This will also mean less lost work time and vehicle repairs. Which all adds up to lower costs.

More Productivity

Imagine driving to work, without doing the driving. Autonomous Vehicles will literally give you time in your life back. Time you can spend catching up on emails, finishing a report or watching the news.  And, no more asking for a ride to the airport or the mall. A self-driving car will be able to drop you off and then park itself.

Reduced Congestion

Here’s something we can all get behind: less traffic. Autonomous Vehicles help prevent stop-and-go traffic and crashes. Fewer crashes or fender benders mean fewer roadway backups. Self-driving cars will help keep traffic flowing.

Environmental Gains

It’s a domino effect that will have us all breathing easier. Autonomous Vehicles will mean fewer traffic jams, which will cut down on the number of cars idling. They will also conserve fuel and lower carbon emissions.

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